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Meet Our Staff

Meet: Jo Wilson (M-F):

Along with being the owner and director of the preschool, Jo is also the full-time classroom teacher.

Jo is married to her fabulous husband, Mike and they have two furry children that they rescued, Manny and Callie.

Jo has a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. which she received from the University of Mary.

She has a PASSION for God and for children and helping them grow and learn in a FUN, SAFE, POSITIVE, and PRODUCTIVE environment.

Jo’s past educational experience includes:

  • Owner/Director and Teacher of Merry-Go-Round Preschool
  • Infant and school-age care during the summer months.
  • Teaching in public and private schools in 1st and 4th grades.
  • Instructional aide for an Emotionally Disturbed classroom and Regular Ed classrooms.
  • Co-director of the preschool program at the YMCA in Grand Forks, ND.
  • Director of Generations Learning Center in Northwood, ND
  • Instructor with Sylvan Learning Center in Bismarck, ND
  • Preschool Teacher at Children’s Development Center in Bismarck, ND
  • Substitute Teaching in Bismarck and Mandan, ND
  • Bismarck Parks and Recreation After School and Summer Activity Center programs.

Meet: Jo-C Mertz  (MWF)

Jo-C is the amazing mother of 2 wonderful children, Brooks and Cebe. She loves spending time with them, their dog Frankie, their cat Meow Meow, and her fabulous husband Jake.

Jo-C is a MWF classroom aide at Merry-Go-Round Preschool.

She has experience in childcare as a previous licensed home daycare provider and of course as a mother as well as being the MWTh aide at Merry-Go-Round since the fall of 2007.

She is eager to share her amazing, creative talents and nurturing nature with your children!

Jo-C tends to be the “silly” one and LOVES to make your children SMILE! She can also be caught utilizing puppets or dressing up as exciting characters to catch the students’ attention as well as playing a mean preschool tune or two on the piano or guitar! :-)

Meet: Claudette Thompson (M-F)

Claudette is always busy helping her friends and family as well as taking care of her 2 great kids; John & Sadie. She also has a fabulous husband, Richard and the family cats, Oreo and Muffin  that help keep her on her toes!

Claudette has been a sub and volunteer at Merry-Go-Round since the fall of 2007. She joined the staff as an aide at Merry-Go-Round Preschool in January of 2012.

Claudette’s experience comes from helping out at Merry-Go-Round since 2007 and from being a mother for over 23 years!  She is also Jo’s sister and has assisted in any way that she could since Jo purchased Merry-Go-Round in 2007.

Claudette is excited to laugh, play, and learn with your children. She knows how to have fun and share that with your kids so that they forget they are “learning.”

She is excited to help set the foundation for the best possible early childhood learning experience!

Meet: Melissa Nelson (T/TH)

Melissa is the crafty and creative mother of 3 beautiful girls, Sophia, Addie, & Grace. Which keep her busy each and every day and also give her one of the best outlets for her gifts! She is married to her fabulous husband, Jeff. They have a sweet dog, named Kelly.

Melissa has been an aide in the “Littles” class at Merry-Go-Round since the spring of 2011.

Her experience comes from being an amazing mother. She has a passion for kids and helping them create!

Melissa is loving, kind and nurturing and is excited to share in creating the best possible the early childhood experiences with your children.  She loves to get at the children’s level to learn and grow with them.  She is often caught playing with them and cuddling them too! This of course is one of the best ways to enhance your child’s early childhood education! :-)

Meet: Stephanie Hoyt (Sub for all classes)

Stephanie joined the MGR team in 2016.  She is a valuable asset to both classes as she comes and goes as needed throughout the year. Stephanie has her bachelor’s degree in early childhood and elementary education and her master’s degree in early childhood education.

Stephanie is the awesome mother of 2 wonderful children, Avery and Evan.  She is married to her awesome husband John. They have a sweet dog named Arbor!

Stephanie has been blessed to be able to stay at home with her children.  As her children are now a bit older, she has decided that she would like to return to the teaching field, at least part time.  She was a part of the Merry-Go-Round Family for 2 years as a parent and we warmly and excitedly welcomed her aboard as a new team member.

Stephanie is kind, caring, sweet, nurturing, organized, and FUN.  You will get to see her big, beautiful smile as she interacts with your children and assists in planning the fun lessons and activities that we prepare for them.  She has brought a new splash of love, laughter, and learning to our program.