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  1. We of course made our parent gifts. We hope you enjoy them all throughout 2013. We think that these turned out beautifully. The children picked the colors for their hand prints, picked the scrapping paper for mounting and of course the gift tags and bows were their choice as well! :-) You all deserve a “HIGH FIVE” for being such great parents!
  2. We got to drive cars around in the new classroom. I am pretty sure that the kids enjoyed this more than McDonalds play place, snoopers tons of fun, the party pit, or the mall play area!!! – WE CAN’T wait to get in there!!! WOO-HOO~!
  3. Jingle Eggs – Jingle bells is usually a school favorite every Christmas, so we mixed it up just a bit and used our musical shaker eggs and sang “Jingle Eggs” instead! :-)
  4. this is a test

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